Sunday, March 04, 2007

RTF to HTML two

HTML 2... HTML 2!? Yes, HTML 2. I was perusing the HTML 3.2 specification and it was fine and dandy, but then I stepped back even further to the HTML 2.0 specification. Things moved a lot faster back then, jumping a whole version in HTML only took two years. Anyway, I am starting with 2 rather than 3 (or even 4 or 4.2/CSS), because it has all the basic components of rich text with no frills. It doesn't even let you specify a font or colors! The reason I like this is because I can apply a CSS stylesheet later to do all that stuff and thus keep a consistent theme. Of course later on I'll allow explicit transcribing, but I'm just getting something out there first.

Saturday/Yesterday, I went to Tully's again and even worked from home. I re-tooled the structure of tokens, fixed a couple spacing bugs (CRLF's are always ignored, plus a single space after a control must be ignored), and tied down and tested the whole thing. It's fully commented, clean and simple, and I like it. Today I played around with the conversion to HTML 2 and it's pretty much there, even with just a few crappy functions!

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