Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Early Worm

Yesterday I published the new which is based on static HTML pages and the RTF parser/HTML converter written in JavaScript. There are some small bits to work out, such as color in the posts (since HTML 2.0 doesn't let you specify color I have to come up with ways to determine it) and the lack of archive pages, but in general it looks pretty good!

Blubber Blabber hasn't been in all week. Granted it's only Wednesday and 6:15am at that, but usually he's here by now. There has been different clerk and barista girls, so maybe they're just not his type. I really do wonder if his schedule revolved around them.

I'm leaving RTF alone for a while, but I intend to come back to it for picture and object support. It's a funny thing that it will support these things, but different picture types it doesn't. I am theorizing that they stuck with the uncompressed bitmap (Windows BMP style) format so as not to complicate applications with things like image drivers/codecs. It's too bad they still haven't remedied this, because aren't we at least standardized on GIF/JPG/PNG? My plan is to allow the insterting of GIF/JPG/PNG file objects and turn them into IMG tags during the Rtf2Html stage. And actually, the way I have it setup I shouldn't have to touch the RTF parsing core at all.

First what I'm going to do, and do today, is fill in the blanks on!

Holy crap I spoke too soon. He is here.

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