Thursday, October 12, 2006

Come and Go

It's been forever since I posted. Today I'm actually feeling really great, my head barely registers as pressurized or pained, but I did miss the bucks again. I went on Tuesday for only a couple hours before leaving. Their music would stop after playing like 5 seconds of a song, followed by a few seconds of silence, and then repeat. When I went to use the restroom, it was out of order. This is a coffee house people ... deal breaker.

So I temporarily dropped the whole DEFLATE thing, having reached my limit with an aching head and non-mathematically-inclined brain pan. I will revisit that, I am sure. I learned some very good stuff that I "just need to write down", but what I really wanted was to write some code. Thus it was on Tuesday that I started "Simple Chat" which soon changed to the name "Passerby".

About an hour ago I completed a "working" demo which you can view here.

Be aware this is a very early demo and there are likely dozens of bugs beyond the ones I already know of. If you're intent on telling me, then register at 16bugs and file something against me. I don't have 16 bugs yet, but that's because I just created the account. I feel very relieved to have done this, given myself an electronic place to dump all the issues, have others give feedback, and track the progress of them as they're fixed. I wish for a few things on that app, but it's free and I'm in great need, so I won't complain here.

The concept behind Passerby is extremely casual chat. You jump into a random room with a name generated randomly from the domain name the chat was embedded and parts of your browser's identity. It's fun to work on and the DHTML/AJAX is definitely something I need to tune my skills on, but I've got so many other things I want to do that I'm just glad I popped out a tangible demo.

Now I can move on for a bit!

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Michele said...

Should you want anything from 16bugs, just send an email to customer support... ;)