Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Potty Guards

I sat down at Starbucks, with my coffee, at 5:20am. Still, I didn't get any coding done. Kopp came in around 5:40am and we ended up talking until about 7:00am. He didn't have a laptop so he couldn't actually do anything there. We discussed the List Server, or rather he asked questions and I answered them. Sure, it maybe helped to make the ideas more solid, but I still got no coding done.

After he left I reviewed my code, but then spent a bunch of time answering his questions in a written document for reference. I might've gotten to coding after that, but I had to pee.

Here's a big part of multiple people meeting that you might never think about. If someone has to use the restroom, you can simply watch their stuff while they do it. If you're alone, and in a public place like this, you have no other choice besides packing up and taking all your stuff in there. When you come out you can unpack and try to continue where you left off, but you've really chopped the head off of any momentum you'd built up.

So, when I came out of the bathroom with my backpack on my back, I simply left. I told myself I'd write in the blog and then look for some more source/version control software and perhaps install VSS on my laptop. Upon arriving at the office, however, I made the mistake of checking my mail (which was left open) and answering an item. Soon I was knee deep in migration muck and other management issues. Dear friggin' god, it's now almost 9:00am and I didn't do crap on my own thing this morning. How lame is that?

I tried My Screen Recorder on my laptop which worked well besides the fact that it generated a massive AVI file. You can have it use other compressors, but I'm thinking DivX might suck up the battery pretty quick. It was fun to use and I'll probably use it going forward to have visual documentation of my progressive (which is much more interesting than reading these posts), despite the fact the trial leaves a huge message on every frame. I can live with that so I don't have to pay 30 bucks!

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Tricky said...

hey, I like reading the posts. watching you code sounds boring